The advanced bookings and positive feed-back from clients shows just what PAWS INN is able to offer over and above many of the larger pet care establishments.

"With limited numbers, we're nearly booked out for the Christmas holidays," said Jackie.

As Jackie and John point out, in the weeks before Christmas they have to sadly refuse around two and three potential customers a day.
This year they are making an effort to increase doggy beds as well as bringing in extra "staff" (trusted friends) to keep an ye on the holiday makers.


CASPER, the Brittany Spaniel, is, as owner Ron Dyak says "a hand-full". But adds: "he comes back to us happy, healthy and tired and that's a good thing. The ease of initially establishing a data record and the follow-up visitor check-ins are effortless and efficient. There is no concrete or wire-fenced kennels -- only happy dogs having the run of a great little place. I can recommend Paws Inn as the ONLY place we would leave our beloved doggie."

Ron Dyak, Office Manager, John F. Morrissey & Company Lawyers.

Nikkie Doherty is another happy customer, describing her staffy-X Bruno (above in red collar) "like a brand new dog" after his stay at the Inn. "I'm not sure if you would acknowledge yourselves as dog whisperers Jackie and John. But Bruno seems to have developed a sense of well being - and even muscles. I think Paws Inn is probably the best open ground for holiday stays for my dog. He's truly happy and his behavious a lot more mannered. Thank you for being diligent and caring to my little friend. I'm happy to recommend you to other pet owners."

Mudgee the Jack Russell snuggling up to Braxton {in our Poto Gallery) is owned by Craig and Florence Dent who left him at Paws Inn while holidaying in Fiji. "Regular up-dates and photos showed us how well he was being looked after and how happy he was hanging out with other dogs, particularly Braxton. We would highly recommend Paws Inn to anyone who needs a caring environment for their dog while they are away," they said adding "being able to leave our car at the property was an added bonus."

Among Paws Inn regulars is Baron Von Awesome.

Kevin O'Toole knows the Baron is a favourite: "Jackie and John at Paws Inn always treat Baron Von Awesome as their own taking him on loads of walks per day and, being big softies, allow him to sleep close by so he doesn't get lonely. The location is great and being a smaller facility, has the warmth and friendliness that could never be replicated by the big boarding kennel companies."

Here he is having a bath and PetX shampoo after a wild, wintery walk.

Benny (pictured right with his precious ball) had his first holiday away from home at the Inn. Owner Tania, who lives on the northern beaches and runs her dog grooming business -- The Polished Pet -- there, was happy to head to Botany Bay to find the right environment for Benny: "From the regular updates and pictures we could see he was happy and felt quite at home! It's really comforting to know we now have somewhere for him to stay, feel loved, safe, happy and well looked after while we're away. Thank you so much Jackie, John and Braxton."

Being a small, family business, Paws Inn is able to make that extra effort for last minute dramas. Othello the "Black Prince", pictured below, is one such customer who has been visiting Paws Inn since 2012. Now almost 14 years old, Jackie and John manage his medication and take care on his walks. Owners, Stephanie Brantz and husband Simon Hill, both TV sports journalists, are called overseas often and at the last minute. This year the the bookings have headed into months as both Simon and Steph headed to a number of events, including the soccer World Cup in Russia and the US Open tennis.

"We hated going away when it meant we had to leave our much loved dog, Othello, at a kennel. With unexpected work requirements, we were struggling to find somewhere to leave him. Then we found Paws Inn on the web. Jackie and John not only house Othello, but gives him such a good time I'm not sure he ever wants to leave. We were reluctant to ring to check on him (even though we wanted to) but texts and emails from Jackie, along with pictures, let us know how much he was enjoying his own 'holiday'. A very relaxed pooch. He has fabulous walks with John and a comfy sofa to nap on -- his idea of Doggie Heaven. I'm sure he just waits for us to go away so he can chill out at Paws Inn".

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Baron Von Awesome the very regal Airedale
Kyla the mini Australia Bulldog
Mudgee the Jack Russell (snuggling up to Braxton)
Benny the Cavalier/Maltese X ball obsessed customer
Kasper the posh Brittany Spaniel