Our Services

Long term home stay

So that we can provide the personal care and normal routine of a home environment, we only accommodate one dog at a time for overnight stays, or two if from the same family.

During peak periods there may be a short overlap with permission of owners.  Your dog sleeps inside at the Inn as there are NO OUTSIDE KENNELS.

"We encourage owners to bring their pet to the Inn for an introduction before their long term stay to ensure everyone gets along well," said John.

"Owners can have a relaxed holiday, weekend away or business trip knowing their dogs have checked out their own holiday home."


Supervised play time is an integral part of the work at Paws Inn.   And John enjoys the games as much as his clients.

"Not all dogs are ready for the rough and tumble some love.  The older, nervous dogs sometimes need protection," explained John, seen here with his arm around 13 year old Border Collie, Jessie.

Jessie was on pain killers for her last days at the Inn.  As owner, Robyn Fraser said:  "Instead of leaving Jessie at the vet for those last weeks, she had fun and friends at Paws Inn during the week.

"I can't thank Jackie and John enough for the love and care they gave her."


Paws Inn customers feel quite at home, even while John tries to eat breakfast.

Note the regal stance of regular customer,  Airedale, Baron von Awesome, (real name), already booked in for his month's stay this (2017) September while owners are overseas.

Day care

DAY CARE bookings are for a minimum of three days a week. Walks and supervised play time are included in the cost (see Rates Page). Rest time is also important.

Sanchez the rescue Chihuahua, pictured above with Braxton, was scared of other dogs and some people before his day care days at the Inn.

"He was soon happy to cuddle up to a muscled Staffy and even learnt it was safe to check out visiting workmen at the Inn," said John.

Walks are for day care and overnight stay customers.