Long Term Dog Boarding Sydney

Our long term dog boarding Sydney service is second to none. You can go away knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Since opening a 12 years ago, Paws Inn at Botany Bay has truly offered all the comforts of home for dogs of all shapes and sizes as long as they're over one year old, desexed and fully vaccinated.  We don’t have your dog locked up in cages or kennels. Instead they are one of our family and, if allowed, share the sofa with us to watch tv together.  For those customers who are used to cages since puppy training, there's  a comfy one on hand if required.

As our TESTIMONIALS Page illustrates,  it's the ideal long term dog boarding for the Sydney area.

Features of Our Long Term Dog Boarding Sydney

Paws inn is a fully air-conditioned residential home where the owner lives.  With 24/7 supervision, there's plenty of day and night time cuddles.  Being a smaller operation with limited numbers, there's time to give the  special care and attention needed for customers on medication.  You'll have  peace of mind while away that your dog is in good, safe and loving hands.

The location of Paws Inn is one of its main attractions with the hour long boot marches for large dogs.  However, with apologies to owners, we do not accept  Alsatian-X or American Staffies.  Even those who have been well socialised are often just that bit too boisterous for the smaller residents.
The Inn is right on the doorstep of Sir Joseph Banks Park offering long bush walks in the heart of Sydney.  A few steps further on, across a safe bridge, is Foreshsore Beach where dogs enjoy splashing in the sea and tumbling on the the sand.   A brush and a wash are on hand for guests who have enjoyed their fun day at the beach.    The area also offers great smaller bush strolls with lots of sniffs for older and smaller pets.   And a keen eye is kept out for muddy feet and dirty bottoms.

Long Term Dog Boarding Sydney
long term dog boarding Sydney

Owners, Jackie and son, John, know that rest is as important as walks and sniffs. Back at the Inn after a good work out, dogs have their own air conditioned doggy motel room where they can relax. Our REST PAGE shows just how comfy visitors at the Inn get. The backyard is tree lined for a cool play area and has a comfy wooden cabin where they can rest and check on friends still at play outside. 

All the walks and supervised play time is included in the cost. While treats are on hand, if allowed, food is not included - to ensure no tummy upsets. Owners are asked to include details of how and when their pets are fed on the Paws inn Booking Form.  All dogs are fed separately at the usual time they have their meal at home.

Before booking, owners bring their dogs to the Inn for an introduction. This way, Jackie and John know the visitors will fit in with their dogs, Braxton and Mutsy as well as the Inn's regular clients. Both owners -- and their pets -- are then assured of a relaxed holiday. Owner can check our FRIENDS PAGE to see how customers bond while on holiday at the Inn. When confirmed, half the cost ensures the booking with the balance due two weeks before the start of the stay. Paws Inn bank details can then be forwarded to clients.