Frequently asked questions

Q. Does my Dog need to be vaccinated?
A. Yes, and when you come to Paws Inn at Botany Bay, you will need to bring your updated vaccination certificate(s)

Q. Do I need to be up-to-date with worm & flea treatments?
A. Yes, and you will need to confirm the date(s) of last treatment(s)

Q. How will my Dog be exercised?
A. Your Dog will be exercised each day. You decide on length of walks. Dogs also run and play, supervised 24/7 in our garden to their hearts' content.

Q. What do I need to bring when I bring my Dog for his holiday?
A. Just their medication and anything else you think will help him feel at home like a blanket.

Q. Is my Dog suitable for home boarding at Paws Inn Botany Bay?
A. Dogs who are at least one year old, house trained and sociable are welcome. We do sometimes take puppies - contact us to discuss.

Q. Are there any dogs you will not accept?
A. We cannot accept unneutered dogs, bitches in season aggressive dogs or American Staffies who, sadly, are usually to boisterous for our small customers

Q. How do I pay?
A: Electonic transfer: details given at time of booking.

If we have not answered your questions, please contact us. Jackie 0408 066 313 John 0472 533 759


Frequently Asked Questions by Paws Inn before your booking.

1. How old is your dog? If under one year old, your dog is unlikely to be suitable

2. Is your dog destructive in the home, as with chewing?

3. Is your dog destructive in the garden, with excessive digging?

4. Has your dog ever been left in anyone else's home?

5. Does your dog settle down calmly?

6. Does your dog have a tendency to bark? If so, what triggers it?

7. Does your dog show any aggression to other dogs -- over food, toys, or on meeting?

Please note that Paws Inn is unable to accept dogs that are hyperactive; prone to excessive barking either indoors or outdoor; destructive and as stated above, has not been desexed or American Staffies (who we love but our smaller customers often don't).

Doggy Day Care


Socialising with other dogs is the most valuable part of day care.  There is also plenty of play time with John.

For the costs of Day Care at Paws Inn, please see our RATES PAGE.

PHONE FOR DOG DAY CARE BOOKINGS: 0408 066 313 0472 751 362

Individual Care

SPECIAL NEEDS have always been an important part of the service at our small, family run Paws Inn business at Botany Bay.

With a limited number of dogs at the Inn at any one time, we can see to the needs of older dogs or those needing medication.

One such regular customer was Jackson (pictured) a 10 year old Lab who didn't always realise he only had three legs.   Although Jackson has now gone to doggy heaven, his owner, Jane Russell, said she was happy and proud for his image to remain on the Paws Inn website.


0408 066 313   0472 751 362

Big Dogs Welcome


Walks are limited to our home stay and day care customers who have all been to Paws Inn for an introduction.

This ensures there are no aggression or unsociable issues with other dogs staying at the Inn.

With his popular one hour plus walking-workouts, John has built up a strong customer following of larger dogs.

Here he is with Cougar, the 50 kilo Rottweiler heading for their boot march at Sir Joseph Banks Park.  And Cougar happened to be one of the gentlest visitors to the Inn.