Doggy Heaven

In the ten years Paws Inn has been going, we’ve cared for a number of older dogs requiring special care and medication.   Some have left us for the great kennel in the sky.  But the greatest compliment we’ve been given by the owners of these old faithfuls, is that they only dared travel because they trusted Paws Inn in case something happened while they were away.

Some may have passed on and we haven’t been told.  But there are a few special friends who’ll always be remembered by Jackie and John.

First and most special, was our own Pit Bull-X, Bernice.  She was a classic example of “it’s not the breed but the owner.”   Bernice was well socialised before Paws Inn opened.  She loved our Braxton when he arrived as a puppy 11 years ago and always got along with the visiting dogs.

In 2014, Robyn Fraser brought her 13 year old Shorthaired Border Collie, Jessie for an overnight stay.  Robyn knew Jessie’s time was limited but wanted her last days to be fun, surrounded by doggy friends.   When she saw how John looked after her and how she loved to mingle with the Paws Inn mob, she was was a regular visitor until it was time to say goodbye.

Another visitor in 2014 was 10 year old Jackson, a happy, energetic, three legged Labrador.  Jackson walked and played with the best of them, seemingly oblivious to a missing front leg.  From then on he featured on our website as one of our valued, special needs customers .  When he went to doggy heaven a few years later his owner, Jane, said she was only too happy to see him keep his place there.

JB & ball

Angela, a Maltese Terrier, came to us in 2015 as a 12 year old.  Her owner, Maria Leondis, said until she found Paws Inn, she’d been too scared to visit Greece with her husband, John, and leave her beloved “Angel” behind.   They had their trip and Angela became a regular guest at the Inn.   When Angela made her way to doggy heaven a few years later, Maria and John donated her beds, blankets, coats and harnesses to the Inn, all now shared by our own dogs and visitors.   Sadly, John has now lost Maria.   But both Angela and Maria remain very special memories.

Angelas face
angela walkies

Pedro, a 13 year old Spoodle, first came to Paws Inn with his flat mate, Charlie, in 2015.  Deaf and missing most of his teeth he was, never the less, always the leader of the pack on the long bush walks with John.  The Paws Inn kitchen dutifully mashed his food, made sure he lapped up his dinner and kept their fingers crossed while owner, Sophie, headed off on holidays and business trips.  Pedro left us last year at the ripe old age of 17.

rest on walk

As Tui’s owner, Suzanne, said as she cancelled his Christmas holiday at the Inn last year, her beloved old rescue Double Giant Old Breed boy, Tui, had been “sent over the rainbow” after his struggles just got too difficult.  He was one of our true, gentle giants.

Another departure last year was 12 year old Tibetan Terrier, Genghis Canid, who first visited us in 2018.  He quickly became a special friend of Jackie’s grandson, Oscar, as seen on our Rest Page.

Genghis at Vet

Othello the Black Prince was a lively seven year old German Shorthaired Pointer when he first came to the Inn in 2012.  He became one of the more regular visitors over the next nine years as owner, sports journalist Stephanie Brantz, was called away on jobs, often overseas, at the last minute.    As he slowed down, John took special care on his walks and helped him on and off his favourite sofa.   We ground his pain killer tablets as the clever old boy could smell them a mile off, despite the succulent chicken surrounding them.  Jackie said her good byes earlier this year as she held his his old head until it was time to be picked up.  Courageous to the end, he managed to stand up and walk out the Inn’s front door to meet Stephanie like the noble Black Prince he always was.

bush walk